Application overview and process

How to Apply

The Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science will run 29 locations in 2023. Though there is a core curriculum that is used across many sites, each institute is led by different people who can offer targeted expertise to a range of different audiences. Please note that you may only apply to one site at a time. To decide which site to apply to—and review eligibility criterion for each one—check out the description of each site on our locations page or by navigating directly to one of our locations currently accepting applications:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to more than one Summer Institute location?

Yes, but not at the same time. For example, you can apply to SICSS-Duke, and then if you are not accepted you can apply to one of the other locations if it has a later deadline. However, you cannot have an applications under review at two locations simultaneously.

I have a question about the eligibility criteria or application procedure at a specific location. Who should I ask?

The eligibility criteria and application procedures are handled by each partner location individually. You should direct your question to the partner location directly.