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Newhouse Postdoctoral Scholar to Co-Lead Summer Institute
March 16, 2023

(Posted by Syracuse University News)


Unsocial Media: Sociologist Chris Bail calls for a reset of our partisan digital divide
December 01, 2022

(Posted by Duke Magazine)

KDI School and KAIST organized the first Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) in Korea
September 27, 2022

(Posted by KDI School of Public Policy and Management News Center)

My Notes on Summer School in Computational Social Sciences
December 19, 2022

(Posted by Digital Ottoman Studies)

What is computational social science? How social science researchers are using big data to understand human behavior at scale
June 23, 2022

(Posted by University of Sydney News)

FGV holds the second Brazilian edition of the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science
March 25, 2022

(Posted by FGV)

The first in Indonesia, UII was selected for the 2022 SICSS title [Indonesian]
July 22, 2022

(Posted by Republika Online)

A new way to process big data in the field of social sciences [Indonesian]
July 23, 2022

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Beyond the Numbers - Howard is Preparing to Educate the Next Generation of Black Data Scientists
June 21, 2022

(Posted by Howard Magazine)

Female scientists don't get the credit they deserve. A study proves it
June 22, 2022

(Posted by The Washington Post)


From Princeton to London via Chicago: My Summer Institute in Computational Social Science journey
March, 8, 2021

(Posted by SAGE Ocean Blog)

The Oxford Summer Institute in Computational Social Science - online and a resounding success!
July 29, 2021

(Posted by Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science)


The Social Scientist 2.0: Paving the Way in Computational Methods
December 2, 2020

(Posted by University of Bamberg)

ai gender bias and computational social science
November 11, 2020

(Posted by Scatterplot Blog)


'A great measure of our success is the community that SICSS creates'. Chris Bail and Matt Salganik on the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science
(Posted by Sage Methodpace)

Workshop on non-probability surveys: Summer Institute in Computational Social Sciences (SICSS) 2019 [Podcast]

(Posted by University of Oxford on Apple Podcasts)

Summer institute advances social science in the digital age
July 16, 2019

(Posted by Princeton University News)

Two PhD Students, Jeff Sternberg and Rebekah Getman, accepted to the Summer Institute in Computational Social Sciences
May 7, 2019

(Posted by Northeastern University Department of Sociology & Anthropology)

Echo chambers may not be as dangerous as you think
May 14, 2019

(Posted by University of Pennsylvania Penn Today)


The Project Week of the Summer Institute for Computational Social Science at Helsinki
August 6, 2018

(Posted by Rajapinta)

eScience Institute co-hosts computational social science conference

(Posted by University of Washington eScience News)