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Image of Elizaveta Sivak
Elizaveta Sivak
Elizaveta Sivak is a director of the Center for Modern Childhood Research at Higher School of Economics. She uses qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods to study childhood and parenting. Her main research interests are concerned with modern parenting cultures, children’s behavior and social networks, factors influencing children’s psychological well-being, and how we can study behavior, attitudes and psychological well-being using digital traces. She is also interested in gender and educational inequality.
Image of Sofia Dokuka
Sofia Dokuka
Sofia Dokuka is Research Fellow and Associate Professor in the Computational Social Science lab at Higher School of Economics. Her research interests include social network analysis, agent-based models and computational social science. In her recent research Sofia is investigating the relationship between individual well-being and digital traces.
Image of Ivan Smirnov
Ivan Smirnov
Ivan Smirnov is a research fellow at the Chair for Computational Social Sciences and Humanities at RWTH Aachen University and scientific advisor of Laboratory for Computational Social Science at Higher School of Economics. He employs data science to better understand human behavior and complex social phenomena. His main research focus is on inequality and well-being in the digital age.


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