June 20 to July 1, 2022 | Institut Polytechnique de Paris



Image of Etienne Ollion
Etienne Ollion
Étienne Ollion is a CNRS research fellow and Professor of Sociology at École Polytechnique. His research focuses on politics, and he integrates digital data to more classic data sources and methods.
Image of Germain Gauthier
Germain Gauthier
Germain Gauthier is a PhD candidate at École Polytechnique and a doctoral affiliate at the Institute for Public Policies (IPP). His research interest lies in the formation, persistence, and unravelling of social norms and of beliefs. Relying on social networks, surveys and administrative data, his main focus has been on the evolution of gender norms.
Image of Felix Lennert
Felix Lennert
Felix Lennert is a PhD candidate in Sociology at École Polytechnique under the supervision of Étienne Ollion. He holds an M.Sc. in Computational Social Science from Linköping Universitet. His research interest centers around political polarization and its underlying processes which he studies using large-scale social media data and a diverse set of computational methods.


Image of Elliott Ash
Elliott Ash
Elliott Ash is Assistant Professor of Law, Economics, and Data Science at ETH Zurich. His research focuses on empirical analysis of the law and legal system using techniques from econometrics, natural language processing, and machine learning.
Image of Marie Bergström
Marie Bergström
Marie Bergström is a Permanent Researcher at the French National Institute for Demography. Her work deals with online dating which she investigates using digital data.
Image of Julia Cagé
Julia Cagé
Julia Cagé is an Associate Professor of Economics at Sciences Po Paris. Her research deals with political economy, industrial organization and economic history. She is particularly interested in media economics, political participation and political attitudes.
Image of David Garcia
David Garcia
David Garcia is Full Professor for Computational Behavioral and Social Sciences at TU Graz. His research analyzes human behavior through digital traces and deals with topics such as emotions, polarization, inequality, and privacy.
Image of Gloria Gennaro
Gloria Gennaro
Glora Gennaro is a Postdoctoral Student at the Immigration Policy Lab at ETH Zurich. Her research focuses on current challenges of democratic societies in Western Europe and in the US where she studies the demand and supply of populism, electoral responses to immigration, and emotions in politics.
Image of Lucas Girard
Lucas Girard
Lucas Girard has recently acquired his Ph.D. in Economics at CREST and is a Lecturer at ENSAE Paris. His research interest is in the field of econometrics. He develops and applies measures for segregation/polarization and investigates the construction of non-asymptomatic confidence intervals.
Image of Guillaume Hollard
Guillaume Hollard
Guillaume Hollard is a Senior Researcher at CNRS and Professor of Economics at École Polytechnique, where he also serves as the Vice President of the Economics department.
Image of Marc Keuschnigg
Marc Keuschnigg
Marc Keuschnigg is Professor of Sociology at Leipzig University and Associate Professor at Linköping University. His research deals with cultural dynamics, social norms, and spatial inequality.
Image of Gianluca Manzo
Gianluca Manzo
Gianluca Manzo is Professor of Sociology at Sorbonne University. His research is of theoretical and empirical nature. The former revolves around meta-theoretical reflections on sociological theorization, the latter is concerned with a broad range of topics such as educational inequalities, relative deprivation, status hierarchies, and, more recently, innovation diffusion and migration dynamics.
Image of Ivaylo Petev
Ivaylo Petev
Ivaylo Petev is CNRS Research Fellow at the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) where he heads the department for Sociology. His research deals with inequalities in consumption and lifestyles, environmental practices and discrimination from historical and comparative perspectives.
Image of Liva Ralaivola
Liva Ralaivola
Liva Ralaivola is the head of the Criteo Research Lab. There, they develop cutting-edge machine learning tools for online marketing. Formerly, he was a full professor in Computer Science at Aix-Marseille Université (currently on leave).
Image of Matthew Salganik
Matthew Salganik
Matthew Salganik is Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, and he serves as the Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy. He is also affiliated with several of Princeton's interdisciplinary research centers including the Office of Population Research and the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning. His research interests include social networks and computational social science. He is the author of Bit by Bit: Social Research in the Digital Age.
Image of Paola Tubaro
Paola Tubaro
Paola Tubaro is CNRS Senior Research Fellow at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Sciences du Numérique (LISN). Her research focuses on the digital platform economy, the global supply networks of the artificial intelligence industry, the role of human labour in the development of automation, and inequalities in access to data.

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