June 20 to July 1, 2022 | University of Sydney



We invite applications from PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and early career faculty within 5 years of PhD. Exceptional Master’s students in a research-track degree (e.g. MPhil) or those transitioning to a PhD program will also be considered. We are hoping to have wide participation from researchers from the humanities, social sciences and science backgrounds. There are no restrictions based on citizenship, residency status, or country of study/employment, but for this partner location in Sydney we will prioritise researchers from Australia and New Zealand. About 25 participants will be invited, and participants are expected to fully attend, participate and engage in the entire program.

The Institute aims to bring together computational social scientists across all levels of technical experience. Participants with less experience with social science research will be expected to complete additional readings in advance of the Institute, and participants with less experience coding will be expected to complete the SICSS boot camp. Students doing this preparatory work will be supported by a teaching assistant who will hold online office hours during the two months before the Institute.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and fields of study, especially applicants from groups currently underrepresented in computational social science. We evaluate applicants along a number of dimensions: 1) research and teaching in the area of computational social science 2) contributions to public goods, such as creating open source software, curating public datasets, and creating educational opportunities for others 3) likelihood to benefit from participation 4) likelihood to contribute to the educational experience of other participants 5) potential to spread computational social science to new intellectual communities and areas of research. Further, when making our evaluations, we attempt to account for an applicant’s career stage and previous educational opportunities.

How To Apply

Applicants must submit the following documents: (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a statement (maximum two pages) describing both any current research, your interest in computational social science, as well as why you would like to attend SICSS-Sydney (3) one writing sample (no more than 35 pages). Co-authored work is acceptable, but we recommend you include a few sentences describing the contribution of each individual author to the work. Please note that letters of recommendation are not required for application to SICSS-Sydney and any letters, if submitted, will not be considered when evaluating applications. This is to guarantee similar consideration of all applications.

In order to be guaranteed full consideration, all application materials must be received by 15 March, 2022 (23:59 AEDT). Application materials must be submitted through this form. Applications that are not complete by the deadline may not receive full consideration. We will notify applicants through e-mail by mid-April, and will ask participants to confirm their participation shortly thereafter.

Inquiries can be sent to

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to more than one Summer Institute location?

Yes, but not at the same time. For example, you can apply to SICSS-Sydney, and then if you are not accepted you can apply to one of the other locations if it has a later deadline. However, you cannot have an applications under review at two locations simultaneously.

Can I participate in SICSS-Sydney if I have already participated in SICSS at another location?

No. Every year we have more applicants than we can accept, and we would like everyone to have a chance to participate in SICSS once before we allow folks to participate twice.

I’m a Master’s student: can I apply?

We will consider applications from master’s students in a research track (e.g. MPhil), or MSc students transitioning to a PhD degree who have demonstrated interest and commitment to research in the area of computational social science.

Can bachelor students also apply? Can full professors also apply?

No, unfortunately applying is only possible for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty within 5 years of their PhD.

Can I submit a writing sample written in a language other than English?

This is unfortunately not possible at this time.

Will there be support for participants’ projects going forward?

Yes, SSSHARC and other SICSS partners will have seed funding and mentoring available to build teams and progress ideas in the direction of publishable work.

Will SICSS-Sydney still go ahead in case of pandemic restrictions?

We are monitoring the situation and will offer a hybrid/remote mode of instruction to selected participants unable to travel to Sydney due to pandemic restrictions.

I would really like to attend, but do not have institutional funding for travel and accommodation in Sydney. What are my options?

SSSHARC will provide up to 10 needs-based grants of up to $1000 AUD to assist with travel and accommodation costs for participants from outside the Greater Sydney area. If you would like to be considered for assistance funding, please indicate this in your application.

Can I apply if I live outside of Australia and New Zealand?

SICSS-Sydney will prioritise participants from Australia and New Zealand to build regional capabilities in the field of computational social science. Researchers who live outside Australia and New Zealand are welcome to apply if they have research links to Australia (e.g., collaborations).

Host a Location

You can host a partner location of the Summer Institutes of Computational Social Science (SICSS) at your university, company, NGO, or government agency.

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