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BLOG: SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022 Participant Talks about Why Black Representation in Data Science Training Matters
Jul 26, 2023
Daniel Lobo shares four learnings from his unforgettable experience at SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022.
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BLOG: UDC Assistant Professor Talks “Drinking from the Fire Hose” during SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022
Jul 24, 2023
UDC Assistant Professor, Andrea Adams, talks about their experience during SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022.
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BLOG: Updates Since 2021 - SICSS-Howard/Mathematica Alumni Receive Inaugural Excellence in Computational Social Science Research Awards
Jul 19, 2023
Hear from the 2021 SICSS-Howard/Mathematica Excellence in Computational Social Science Research Fund awardees about how the funding helped their projects and their future plans.
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BLOG: SICSS-Howard/Mathematica Alumni Receive 2022 Excellence in Computational Social Science Research Awards
Jul 13, 2023
At SICSS-Howard/Mathematic 2022, two group projects and five individual projects received the Inaugural Excellence in Computational Social Science Research Award.
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BLOG: Bridging the Diversity Gap in Biomedical Research: Physicians and Biomedical Scholars discuss the need for Diversity and Interdisciplinary Collaboration In Research
Jul 10, 2023
At SICSS-H/M 2022, Anthony Wutoh, Yahya Shaikh and Carter Clinton discussed how to bridge the diversity gap in biomedical research and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration.
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BLOG: SICSS-Howard/Mathematica Alumni Legacy Teaching Fellow Talks about Carrying the Light and Restorative Spaces
Jul 6, 2023
Rashun Miles discusses his experience returning to SICSS-Howard/Mathematica as an alumni and the larger need for restorative spaces for Black students in every university.
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BLOG: Laverne H. Council, Global Operations And Information Technology Strategist and Mathematica Board Member, Delivers Riveting Address to Close SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022
Jul 4, 2023
LaVerne H. Council spoke at the Closing Plenary of SICSS/Howard-Mathematica 2022, emphasizing the importance of seeking wisdom and truth through data and fair & effective policymaking.
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BLOG: Paula Moreno, Youngest Minister of Culture of Colombia and Afro-Colombian Trailblazer Delivers Inaugural SICSS-Howard/Mathematica Motivational Address
Jun 24, 2023
Paula Moreno, founder of Manos Visibles & first Afro-Colombian woman to serve as Minister of Culture of Colombia, delivered the first SICSS-Howard/Mathematica Motivational Address, focused on the technological challenges and solutions for Africans and people of African descent around the world.
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BLOG: Understanding Algorithmic and Societal Bias: Scientists and Advocates Discuss Data and Blackness
Jun 22, 2023
Speakers at SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022 explore how change does not affect populations equally, and how the exclusion of underrepresented communities can perpetuate social injustice.
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BLOG: SICSS-Howard/Mathematica’s Bite-Sized Lunchtime Talks Showcase Leading Voices in Data Science
Jun 17, 2023
Bite-Sized Lunchtime Talks (BSLT) are a SICSS-Howard/Mathematica site-specific innovation that introduces participants to organizations doing cool things with data. 2022 offered a variety of organizations that proved interesting and inspiring to our participants.
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BLOG: Safiya Noble, UCLA Professor & MacArthur Genius Award Winner, Delivers Keynote Address at SICSS 2022
Jun 13, 2023
Dr. Safiya Noble speaks about her journey as a critical race scholar, her research on the racist and sexist dynamics of search engines, and the importance of community.
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BLOG: Leaders in Academia and Industry Inspire Next Generation of Computational Social Scientists
Jun 8, 2023
At SICSS-H/M 2022, Shawndra B. Hill, Karen Levy, Brandeis Marshall, and Kyla McMullen emphasized themes of technological determinism, bias, and privacy, and discussed connections to inclusion, equity, and diversity.
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BLOG: Howard University Provost Delivers Opening Plenary Address for SICSS-Howard/Mathematica 2022
Jun 6, 2023
The opening plenary of SICSS-H/M 2022 featured a fireside chat with Dr. Anthony K. Wutoh, the Provost of Howard University, and Dr. Amy Yeboah Quarkume, an Associate Professor of Africana Studies, to kick off the event.
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BLOG: Moving From Praxis To Power: Innovative Pre-Institute Marks The Return Of SICSS
Jun 1, 2023
The first Summer Institute in Computational Social Science held at a Historically Black College or University, returns to Howard University for its two-day pre-institute, Praxis to Power for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and beginning faculty who needed more time to practice computational methods.
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Thanks to SICSS-H/M, the Future of Computational Social Science is Black
Feb 23, 2023
Drawing from SICSS-H/M experience, the presentation highlighted innovative methods to build and support underrepresented researchers in their strives to do social research on topics of pertinence to their communities.
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Howard University and Mathematica to Host Computational Social Science Institute: Program will continue its focus on countering anti-Black racism and inequity
Jan 9, 2023
Howard University and Mathematica are once again partnering on the only Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) program hosted by a historically Black college or university.

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