June 20 to June 30, 2023 | New York University

The importance of mobilizing the potential of new technologies, data sources, and emerging digital resources in ways that promote social equity and address complex social problems is increasingly urgent. In the field of social work, this is codified in the seminal initiative, “Grand Challenge for Social Work: Harnessing Technology for Social Good.”

Data science, including big data and artificial intelligence, is transforming social work science and practice. As the field of computational social science continues to grow in scope and influence, the potential to shape the field and address the challenges inherent in data science for social equity will increase. SICSS-NYU Silver 2023, under the leadership of the Constance and Martin Silver Center on Data Science and Social Equity (C+M Silver Center) at NYU, will serve to promote the use of data science for social good.

The C+M Silver Center at NYU supports scholarship at the intersections of data science, social equity, and social work to achieve broad and transformational social impact. The C+M Silver Center promotes social work scientists and practitioners taking a leading role in centering principles of social equity, social good, and anti-racism to develop new ethical and equitable insights and make important contributions to scholarship and social policy related to data science. SICSS-NYU Silver 2023 will bring together social work scholars and other scholars interested in harnessing computational social science for social good to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and research. The summer institute will serve to advance skills, facilitate networking, and inspire future scholarship among early career academics to produce innovative research at the intersection of computational social science and social equity.

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