August 25 to September 7, 2024 | Regional Institute for Population Studies, University of Ghana



Image of Emmanuel Olamijuwon
Emmanuel Olamijuwon

Emmanuel Olamijuwon is a Lecturer in the School of Geography and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews, UK. His research interest lies at the intersection of technology, sexuality, & population health in low-and-middle-income countries. His recent projects combine data from traditional data sources (such as the DHS), with digital traces (Facebook and Twitter) and Online surveys to illuminate the complexity of a number of social and health issues such as knowledge inequality, suicide ideation, as well as sexual and reproductive health.

Image of Fidelia Dake
Fidelia Dake

Fidelia Dake is a Senior Lecturer at the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), University of Ghana. Her research focuses broadly on population health and international development. Her research interests include nutrition and physical activity, obesity and non-communicable diseases, socio-environmental determinants of health, urban health, health statistics, health-financing and population ageing. She is also interested in using methods in computational social science to study health and lifestyle behaviours including dietary practices, physical activity and travel behaviours.

Image of Yaw Atiglo
Yaw Atiglo

Yaw Atiglo is a Research Fellow at the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), University of Ghana. His research interests border on population health, population-environment nexus, and population-sustainable development interrrelations, particularly from a gendered perspective. He also seeks to employ complex data systems to explore society-environment interactions and other social issues relevant for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa.


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