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Image of Wojciech Biernacki
Wojciech Biernacki
Wojciech Biernacki is an extramural PhD researcher and cooperator at the European Law Chair at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and an attorney’s assistant. In his research, he focuses on intellectual property rights, mostly copyright, and issues related to data processing and data ownership. He is familiar with the basics of Python, PHP, and MySQL databases.
Image of Paulina Klisowska
Paulina Klisowska
Paulina Klisowska is a graduate at the Faculty of Law and Administration (of AMU). She holds a Master’s degree in European Law and is a third year Law student. She has carried out research on the protection of minor users of social media and was a speaker at the webinar organized under the Jean Monnet Chair Digital Single Market and the Free Flow of Information (dig_INFlow). Her academic interests are focused on the functioning of the artificial intelligence algorithms and their impact on privacy and personal data protection.
Image of Lukasz Szoszkiewicz, PhD
Lukasz Szoszkiewicz, PhD
Lukasz Szoszkiewicz is an Assistant Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University, Data Coordinator within the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty. A former participant of SICSS-Law 2021 (Maastricht University) and SICSS-AMU/Law organizer in 2022. His research interests include international protection of human rights and data science. Knows basics of Python and has advanced knowledge of SPSS.
Image of Jedrzej Wydra
Jedrzej Wydra
Jędrzej Wydra is a PhD student at the Laboratory of Criminalistics at Adam Mickiewicz University. He holds both a Master's degree in Law and a Master's degree in Mathematics. He completed specialization in Bayesian Statistics overseen by the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is skilled in R and Python programming; he is also certified as a professional data analyst. As a lawyer, he investigates the computational aspects of time-of-death estimation and deontic logic. As a mathematician, he focuses on functional data analysis and modal logic. He participated in over one hundred data science projects.


Image of Dr. David Reichel
Dr. David Reichel
Dr. David Reichel has been working for almost two decades with human rights related data in an international context. He works as a project manager at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), based in Vienna, where he is responsible for managing research projects in relation to artificial intelligence and online content moderation. Until 2014, he worked in the research department of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). He has taught several courses on quantitative methods at Vienna University and has published widely on topics such as human rights, citizenship and migration statistics.
Image of Prof. Łucja Biel
Prof. Łucja Biel
Prof. Łucja Biel is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw. She specializes in corpus linguistics, legal translation, and translation technology. As the editor-in-chief of The Journal of Specialised Translation, she is actively involved in the academic community, holding memberships in various international organizations. Her research focuses on the language of EU law and the pedagogy of specialized translation. She has contributed significantly to translation studies through numerous publications, projects, and teaching activities, aiming to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical applications in translation.
Image of Dr. Monika Leszczyńska
Dr. Monika Leszczyńska
Dr. Monika Leszczyńska is an Academic Fellow at Columbia Law School and an Assistant Professor of Empirical Legal Research at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. Monika studies how the institutions of contract law interact with individual contractual behavior in an increasingly data-driven economy. In her work, she employs various empirical methods such as behavioral experiments, vignette studies as well as systematic content analysis, and computational methods.
Image of Neel Guha
Neel Guha
Neel Guha is a JD candidate at Stanford Law School and a PhD candidate at Stanford Computer Science. His computer science research focuses on (1) methods for improving the reasoning capabilities of large language models, and (2) benchmarking large language models for applications in the legal domain. His legal research focuses on governance questions related to AI, and the deployment of technology in the practice of law.
Dr. Elizabeth Barry
Image of Dr. Marta Nawrocka-Świętkowiak
Dr. Marta Nawrocka-Świętkowiak
Dr. Marta Nawrocka-Świętkowiak holds a Ph.D. in Law, a Master’s degree in Law, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University. She is an Assistant Professor and Disciplinary Officer at Merito University in Poznań, as well as an attorney. Her research focuses on the quality of forensic expert opinions in criminal cases. She led research grants from the National Science Centre and collaborated with John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. As a practitioner, she focuses on defending her clients in criminal trials. She is proficient in Polish, English, and Russian.

Teaching Assistants

Image of Kamil Szostak
Kamil Szostak
Kamil Szostak is a recent Computer Science graduate and a 5th year Law student at Adam Mickiewicz University. His fluency in programming includes Python, Java, R, and SQL while his academic interests are focused on Constitutional Law and potential ways of AI application in the legal practice.
Image of Mateusz Mroziński
Mateusz Mroziński
Mateusz Mroziński is a recent graduate at Adam Mickiewicz University. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He has intermediate programming skills in Python and web technologies, his interests include data science and artificial intelligence.
Image of Martyna Osztynowicz
Martyna Osztynowicz
Martyna Osztynowicz is a first year Computer Science student at Poznań Univeristy of Technology. She is interested in cybersecurity and plans to continue her studies in this field. She is proficient in Python and C programming.
Image of Joanna Walczak
Joanna Walczak
Joanna Walczak is an IT student at Poznań University of Technology. In her free time, she primarily explores programming through game development, alongside engaging in computer graphics projects like object modeling. She knows the basics of Python and C++ languages.
Image of Krzysztof Jeromin
Krzysztof Jeromin
Krzysztof Jeromin is a fifth-year student of European law at Adam Mickiewicz University. He is currently conducting research on access to encrypted data in information exchange services and its impact on the right to privacy. He presented his research at the LAITech 2024 conference in Estonia. His research interests focus on the impact of new technologies on fundamental rights.
Image of Weronika Łomako
Weronika Łomako
Weronika Łomako is a 5th year student of European Law at Adam Mickiewicz University. Her academic interests are focused on consumer protection on online platforms, especially in context of recommendation systems.


Image of Eva	van der Zee
Eva van der Zee
Eva van der Zee is a Junior professor (tenure track) in international law with a focus on behavioural law and economics at the Institute of Law and Economics at Hamburg University. Her research focuses on the role and interrelation of (in)formal regulatory systems in promoting sustainable development.
Image of Bahadir	Kus
Bahadir Kus
I am currently a doctoral student at the Social Sciences University of Ankara. I serve as a research assistant at Atatürk University. My academic focus primarily lies within the realm of civil procedure and enforcement law. During my master's studies, I conducted research on access to the assets of debtors within enforcement law. A part of this research delved into accessing electronic data. I have also authored a book section on the subject of electronic data in civil actions.
Image of Albana Hana
Albana Hana
Albana Hana is a juris doctor of the University of Hamburg. Her research revolves around the principle of legal certainty and her professional objective is to make law more certain, in view of enhancing protection and enjoyment of Human Rights. She is an expert in Project Cycle Management and EU funds, speaks several languages and is very passionate about cultures, travel and literature.
Image of Karan	Choudhary
Karan Choudhary
Karan Choudhary is presently Postdoctoral researcher. Before this, he was judge in India. He is PhD in Law from National Law University, Delhi and Université Paris Nanterre, France. He specialises in Public Law, Music Law, AI & Law and the interface between Culture, Law and Policy. He has received the prestigious Erasmus Scholarship from the European Union. Qualified 'All India Examination for Assistant Professor in Law' i.e. UGC -NET. E-mail:, Orcid:, Researchgate:
Image of May	Pascaud
May Pascaud
I am a PhD student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, researching prison education, reentry, desistance, and the prison nonprofit sector. My interests also include income inequality, mass incarceration, and alternatives to imprisonment. I have worked in the fields of technology, education, edtech and journalism, holding positions in customer success, marketing, producing and project management. I enjoy leveraging my design, communications and technology skills in my research.
Image of Marta Bakun
Marta Bakun
Marta Bakun is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science and Administration at the Doctoral School of the University of Wroclaw, Poland. Her interests include the protection of rights, including those of foreigners (with a special focus on migrants), and comparative studies of Polish and German law. Marta holds MA in law at University of Wrocław. Student Ombudsman of the University of Wrocław. Assistant legal advisor at the Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodship.

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