July 18 to July 30, 2022 | National Chengchi University

Program Goals

SICSS Taiwan aims to create an exchange platform for data science and social science. Its aim is to develop talent through hands-on, interdisciplinary projects. Researchers and practitioners from various fields in social science and data science will collaborate on data-driven projects with positive social impact and for public good.


Our target audience is data scientists and social scientists who are in academia or industry in Taiwan. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and fields of study, especially applicants new to computational social science.

1) Academia: master students, PhD students, post-docs, faculty and researchers
2) Industry: data scientists with at least one year of working experience
3) Non-profit: community organizers who are interested in the intersection of technology, computing, data, and society.

We have 3 days of in-person component. While there are no restrictions based on citizenship, country of study, or country of employment in our application selection process, there may be travel restriction and quarantine requirements due to COVID-19. 25 participants will be invited.

The Summer Institute aims to bring together computational social scientists across all levels of technical experience. Participants with less experience with social science research will be expected to complete additional readings in advance of the Institute, and participants with less experience coding will be expected to complete additional training in R. Learners doing this preparatory work will be supported by organizing team and teaching assistants one month prior to the program

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and fields of study, especially applicants new to computational social science. We evaluate applicants along a number of dimensions:

  • research and teaching in the area of computational social science
  • contributions to public goods, such as creating open source software, curating public datasets, and creating educational opportunities for others
  • likelihood to benefit from participation
  • likelihood to contribute to the educational experience of other participants
  • potential to spread computational social science to new intellectual communities and areas of research.

Further, when making our evaluations, we attempt to account for an applicant’s career stage and previous educational opportunities.



1) SICSS Taiwan 希望創造一個資料科學及社會科學得以交流合作的平台,培訓優秀的研究者,並且進行跨領域實作。
2) 多元背景的社會科學與資料科學的研究者與實作者,共同合力針對有公共性的資料進行跨領域合作,完成一份專案。




1) 學界:台灣大專院校碩士以上學生、博士、博後、講師、教授與學術研究者 (將全額補助)
2) 業界:台灣資料科學家工作一年以上 (將全額補助)
3) 公民社會:有興趣結合科技、數位、資料對於社會影響的社群工作者(將全額補助)



How To Apply

We require resume,a research statement, and supporting materials in your application. Submit your application form HERE. We are opening the application on Feb 12, 2022. We review on rolling basis. Deadline is April 17, 2022.

Host a Location

You can host a partner location of the Summer Institutes of Computational Social Science (SICSS) at your university, company, NGO, or government agency.

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