July 18 to July 30, 2022 | National Chengchi University


Guest Speakers

Image of Xuechunzi Bai
Xuechunzi Bai
Bai (pronounced like bye) is a rising fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology at Princeton University. She holds a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning and a joint degree in Social Policy from the School of Public and International Affairs. She is a graduate student fellow in the Program in Cognitive Science and the winner of the Prize Fellowship in the Social Sciences at Princeton. Her research examines how and why humans learn inaccurate stereotypes. Whenever she doesn't feel like researching, she likes walking her 100-pound big boy -- an Alaskan Mamalute -- Alpha around the Princeton campus.
Image of Spe Chen
Spe Chen
Spe Chen is a data and graphics journalist who recently relocated back to Taiwan, her home country, after working in newsrooms in Singapore, China and the U.S. for the past six years. She’s most recently a data visualization designer at Straits Times. She specializes in integrating data and visuals in storytelling to educate and entertain readers. Her works have been honored by the Society of News Design and Sigma Awards. She holds a post bachelor's certificate from The Lede Program of Columbia Journalism School and a Master's degree in Visual Tools to Empower Citizens from the University of Girona.
Image of Fu-Yin Cherng
Fu-Yin Cherng
Fu-Yin Cherng is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at the National Chung Cheng University. She received her Ph.D. degree from the National Chiao Tung University in 2019. She conducted research at the University of California, Davis, as a postdoc in 2019 and École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) from 2016 to 2017 as a doctoral research assistant. Her research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Neuroergonomics, and Data-Driven Design. After a long day of working, Fu-Yin likes to play with her beloved cat and read various books, anime, and comics. “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and “Mushishi” are the two must-reads if anyone asks her for recommendations.
Image of Peter Wang
Peter Wang
Peter Wang (mostly known as PeterWolf on the Internet) has been running Droidtown Linguistic Tech. - a company providing infrastructure tools for NLP (Natural Language Processing) - for over a decade. His daily work is a mixture of technical parts on computer science and humanity parts on human languages. His superpower is to twist the probability in the universe to bring up bugs in the software system. The talent is pretty handy in the development phase.
Image of Daniel Kao
Daniel Kao
Daniel is currently pursuing a masters in GIS and Cartography from the University of Wisconsin. Graduated from UCSD with a bachelor's in Computer Science. He previously worked as a Principal Engineer at Commonwealth Magazine, and Software Engineer at The New York Times.
Image of Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
Dr Marian-Andrei Rizoiu is a Senior Lecturer in Behavioral Data Science at the University of Technology Sydney. He is interested in stochastic behavioral modeling of human actions online, at the intersection of applied statistics, artificial intelligence and social data science. He leads the Behavioral Data Science lab, which studies human attention dynamics in the online environment, the emergence of influence and opinion polarization. Marian-Andrei’s research has been funded by Facebook Research and Defence Science and Technology (DST). His work has appeared in PNAS, PLOS ONE, PLOS Computations Biology, WWW, NeurIPS, IJCAI, and CIKM.
Image of Hannah Waight
Hannah Waight
Hannah Waight is a Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics. Hannah studies state media coordination and manipulation in non-democratic contexts, especially contemporary China. She is particularly interested in what makes state propaganda visible and what makes state propaganda spread. Hannah has also previously written on the sociology of knowledge and the history of social thought. Hannah received her Ph.D. from Princeton University's sociology department in May 2022. She also has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in East Asian Studies, both from Harvard University. Hannah enjoys trees and rock climbing.


Image of Ning Chen
Ning Chen
Ning Chen is a PhD student in the Department of Applied Economics at National Chung Hsing University. Her interests include livestock economics, farm animal welfare, and agricultural policy. She holds an MA in Journalism and a BBA in Finance both from National Taiwan University. Prior to beginning her PhD, Ning was a journalist with 10-year experience on agricultural and environmental issues.
Image of Yen-Ping Chang
Yen-Ping Chang
I’m an assistant professor in the psychology department of NTHU, Taiwan. My lab explores the roles of emotions in interpersonal communication and affiliation. You can find more info about our work at In addition to, and probably more than research, I love my family, cycling, music, and cats.
Image of Hung-Chieh Shen
Hung-Chieh Shen
Hong-Chieh Shen is a graduate student at the School of the National Defense University, majoring in journalism. His research mainly about the network and frame of Chinese diplomats' discussion on Twitter. He was admitted to the Annual Conference Of The Chinese Communication Society. His research interest is natural language processing.
Image of Hung-Wen Tsai
Hung-Wen Tsai
Hung-Wen Tsai received his bachelor's degree in Information Management from National Taiwan University. After graduation, he works as a Data Engineer/Analyst in the software industry and TA of an online data course. He is interested in applying advanced data analysis & modeling techniques in social science topics. He is also planning to apply for a quantitative social science master's program shortly.
Chia Fang Cheng
Chia Fang Cheng is a Linguistic master student in National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. She uses experimental approaches to explore the cognitive processing of tone sandhi in speech production. Her current research examines the temporal profile of tonal alternations in Taiwan Mandarin.
Image of Ming-June Yuan
Ming-June Yuan
Ming-June Yuan is currently pursuing a MA in Journalism at National Defense University, Taiwan. His research focuses on computational methods for the study of social media communication. His current research focuses on the Russia-Ukraine war twitter communication of social networks.
Image of Tien-I Tsai
Tien-I Tsai
Tien-I Tsai is an Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Her research focuses on information behavior, especially how individuals with diverse backgrounds seek information and work collaboratively to fulfill their learning objectives.
Image of Hsin-Yun Wang
Hsin-Yun Wang
Hsin-Yun Wang is a 3rd-year doctoral student and a Ph.D. candidate in the Institute of Education at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), Taiwan. Her research interest is to examine student-directed virtual reality (VR) co-creation for knowledge co-construction and co-creativity through various quantitative approaches including lag sequential analysis, social network analysis, and other techniques associated with learning analytics.
Image of Wei-Chun Tsao
Wei-Chun Tsao
Wei-Chun Tsao is a graduate student in Sociology at National Taiwan University and a research assistant at Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. She has worked as a research assistant in various labs and projects after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology from National Taiwan University. Her previous publications focused on family interactions, intergenerational relationships, and social changes in Taiwan. Currently, she is interested in text mining and interdisciplinary exploration of social issues using emerging data sources in addition to traditional survey data.
Image of Sam Robbins
Sam Robbins
Sam Robbins is a project coordinator at Open Culture Foundation and editor/translator at Taiwan Insight. He graduated with a masters degree in sociology from National Taiwan University and is interested in the intersects of digital technology and politics in Taiwan and Beyond.
Image of Man-Lin Chen
Man-Lin Chen
Man-Lin is an undergraduate student in Economics at National Taiwan University. She also works as a research assistant in the Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica. She is interested in social networks, including social media analysis, friendship dynamics, and peer effects. Currently, she is learning econometrics, computational sociology, and data science these interdisciplinary methods and knowledge.
Image of Yu-Yao Tseng
Yu-Yao Tseng
Yu-Yao Tseng is an engineer at Gsolar Solution Co., Ltd now. He graduated from the Master's Program of Green Energy Science and Technology at Feng Chia University. His research uses Python to write predictive model code to study the effects of big data. Besides, he also has a lot of interest in data science.
Image of Shinyin(Shin) Liu
Shinyin(Shin) Liu
Shin Liu is a research associate at National Taiwan University and a freelancer who works with NGOs on different research projects. Shin was prior a social worker and an INGO worker. Her primary research interest focuses on children and youth social work and well-being, especially the marginal adolescents. She is also broadly interested in NGO service evaluation and re-design, and the application of social design and innovation in the helping professions. She believes in evidence practice and is passionate to explore any possible solution to real-world challenges, computational social science is one of them. Shin holds an MSW in social work and a BE in counseling.
Image of Zih-Chun Su
Zih-Chun Su
Zih-Chun Su is PhD student of Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics at National Taiwan University. His research interests include the silicon photonics, the optical data processing.
Image of Adny Chou
Adny Chou
Andy Chou is a postdoctoral scholar at the Flagship Project in the Department of Sociology at National Taipei University. His research interests are economics of education, labor economics, and applied microeconomics.
Image of Pei-Chiang Lee
Pei-Chiang Lee
Pei-Chiang Lee is a research assistant in the National Academy for Educational Research. He received his M.S.W. from the Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University. His research interests focus on the well-being and educational outcomes of students with disabilities, with special attention to their school-to-work transition and independent living. His current research project uses administrative data to explore the inequality of employment outcomes between university graduates with and without disabilities.
Image of Che-Wei Hsu
Che-Wei Hsu
Che-Wei Hsu is a data analyst at the National Academy for Educational Research. He received his M. S. in sociology from National Taiwan University. His research interests focus on the equality of education and the educational choices of students. He currently uses administrative data to study the college entrance policy in Taiwan.
Image of Xin-You Chen
Xin-You Chen
I am a data analyst in Academia Sinica. I received my M.A. in contemporary China study program from National Tsing Hua University. My research interests focus on international relations, arms transfer, China influence, Taiwan–China relations. My ongoing project is “An empirical analysis of China’s arms transfer.
Image of Morris Yang
Morris Yang
Morris Yang is a graduate student at NCCU’s College of Communication. He studies social media behavior relate to problematic speech and political polarization. He is particularly intrigued by how conspiracy evolves and disseminates, partly because of his discomfort with the online discourse on China-Taiwan tensions and identities. He also holds a BFA degree in motion pictures from NTUA. He faithfully loves the works of Jonathan Franzen and Alice Munro.
Image of Yu Zhang
Yu Zhang
Yu Zhang is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Central University (NCU), Taiwan. Before, he graduated from Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies at Shih Hsin University. His research interests are natural language processing, automatic question answering, text mining and analysis.
Yi-Hua Lin
Yi Hua Lin is a graduate student in Computer Science at National Chengchi University. Her research interests include Data Mining and Social Computing.


Image of Yu-Hui Chang
Yu-Hui Chang
Yu-Hui is an assistant professor in the Center for Teacher Education at National Sun Yat-sen University. She is proud to be one of the participants in SICSS Taiwan 2021 to relearn new lenses and approaches in revisiting social science studies. As the Learning Experience Chair of SICSS Taiwan 2022, she is looking forward to encouraging more collaborative fun within interdisciplinary social scientists and data scientists to play with data and respond to social needs. She will be moderating a discord server for fellow learners of computational social science. A personal fun fact is that she is equally as adept at reading minds with her third eye as she is at reading data.
Image of Tsai-Yen Han
Tsai-Yen Han
Tsai-Yen is a postdoctoral research fellow in the National Academy for Educational Research. She received her Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University in 2021. She is passionate about using computational methods and approaches to study the social sciences. As the Admission Chair of SICSS Taiwan 2022, she is dedicated to fostering a research community interested in computational social science. Her research utilizes quantitative and qualitative methods to explore gender and inequality in public health, reproduction, and education. Her current research project is to examine the gendered decisions in undergraduate fields of study.
Image of Robin Lee
Robin Lee
Robin Lee is a PhD student in Sociology at Princeton University. He is the Lead Organizer of SICSS-Taiwan 2022. He worked in the New York Times and United Health Care in data analytics. He is interested in organizational sociology, technology studies, content moderation, and fairness in machine learning. Robin is passionate about creating communities for newcomers in programming and data science. He is the co-founder of Taiwanese Data Professionals. He began learning violin online during the pandemic. He enjoys hiking and skiing.
Image of Chung-Pei Pien
Chung-Pei Pien
Chung-Pei is an assistant professor in the International College of Innovation. He is the University Partnership Chair of SICSS Taiwan 2022. He received his PhD in Sociology from Texas A&M University. His research areas include science and technology research, energy and sustainable environment, experts and technology politics and interpretable policy analysis. In his former life, he was a journalist.
Image of Cecilia Liu
Cecilia Liu
Cecilia Liu is the Chief of Staff and Finance Chair of SICSS-Taiwan 2022. She received her Juris Doctor degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2015. In her previous life, she was a transactional lawyer in New York and Taipei for more than ten years. She is interested in the issues of gender inequality in STEM fields and passionate about encouraging more girls and women to join the tech space. She began practicing horseback riding and tennis after moving to the States (never too late!) and has been enjoying the hobbies a lot during the pandemic. Fun fact about her: she is an avid cook and was once responsible for daily meals of a team of 40 volunteers in Chimei island of Penghu while doing community outreach.
Image of Ming-Hung Wang
Ming-Hung Wang
Ming-Hung Wang is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan. He is the Program Chair of SICSS-Taiwan 2022. He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University in 2017. He is the PI of Digital Society and Security Lab (DIGI-SSL). The group uses data science and computational methodology to investigate issues related to computational social science and network security. Currently, his team is working on integrating statistical learning, graph theory, and data visualization to understand information dissemination and information operation on large-scale social media platforms (Facebook, PTT, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.). Their daily works include analyzing the source of the dis/misinformation, identifying malicious accounts/sockpuppets, and exploring various social media security issues.In his free time, he loves playing guitar. His favorite bands are 伍佰 & China Blue and Oasis. He is a loyal baseball fan although he can only pitch at 100km/h.

Youth Organizing Board

Image of Yu-Chen Dai
Yu-Chen Dai
Yu-Chen Dai is a graduate of Feng Chia University in the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. His research interests analyze the malicious behaviors on social media, including information manipulation and disinformation. Currently, he focuses on using network structure and user behaviors to identify the sockpuppets in social media. He is honored to be a participant in SICSS Taiwan 2021 cooperates with different field scientists to explore and learn computational social science. He is expecting to let more people know, "What is computational social science?", "What can data do?" and mix our skills to find the interesting thing in the world.
Image of Fu-Ying Lin
Fu-Ying Lin
Fu-Ying Lin has been working as a language instructor for over a decade, from high school to tertiary institutes in different countries, including Taiwan, Turkey, and Germany. Currently, she works as Education Fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation, responsible for the higher education discovery project with the focus of understanding the current challenges and opportunities in higher education. She holds a Ph.D. in corpus linguistics from Freie Universität Berlin. She is an advocate of free knowledge and open access, and interested in applying data to management. She feels honored and excited to be part of SCISS Taiwan 2022, where she can cooperate with scientists from different fields and learn computational social science. In her free time, she likes cooking, baking, watching movies, listening to music, and doing kickbox training.
Image of Wei-Yu Chen
Wei-Yu Chen
Wei-Yu is an operation specialist in Uber Eats. She majors in Political Science at National Taiwan University and discovered the importance and passion for data science while working. She plays a marketing role in SICSS-Taiwan, hoping to arouse more people's attention to the spark generated by the collision of data science and social science through different social media. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, cooking, photography, hiking, and loves to challenge things she has never tried before.

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